About the Owner of Fortitude HVAC

Corey Jackson - Owner

From a young boy I've always enjoyed tinkering with things and taking them apart to understand how they worked. That didn't stop as I got older. I quickly learned how to figure out what was broken and how to fix and repair it. 

In my teenage years I helped with  plumbing jobs, such as running gas lines and changing out compressors for refrigeration before I fully knew what I was doing. As I got older I went into maintenance and learned many great skills, which developed over time. 

After changing  jobs and going to school for HVAC, I applied all that I had learned in a classroom as well as out in the field learning from a multitude of great technicians in my professional career. I focused on best practices to develop my own skills. I quickly became a trusted technician among my peers and clients, eventually moving on to train new technicians. 

I have become a master of my trade and gained a passion for what I do. As a father of 4 and a homeowner, I understand how important the health and safety of your home is. I take pleasure in teaching my clients about HVAC and plumbing based on their needs so they understand in depth what I am doing in their home. Nothing is more important to me than providing high quality service with morals and reliability to exceed your expectations. Please call me now with any questions you may have so we can help get your heating and air conditioning system back in order!

Corey Jackson holds a Master Mechanical license, EPA license and is fully insured. 

Corey Jackson

Corey Jackson