Cooling Services

Air conditioning is a way to transfer heat from one place to a place where it makes little to no difference. i.e. heat from your home to the outdoors . Heat is transferred through the refrigerant by being absorbed through the indoor evaporator coil via the blower from a air handler or furnace then the refrigerant is pumped outside by the compressor where the condenser fan releases the heat from the condenser coils and the process repeats itself until your home is cool. 

Sizing an air conditioner for your home is very important because the size of the equipment could change the overall performance. Too big and it produces too much cool air for the blower and duct work to move around leaving the lower levels of your home very cool while the upper levels are still hot and humid. Too small and it will never keep up on the hot days. Fortitude HVAC knows the inside and out of residential homes to help you make the right choice.