Heating Services

The heating system is the life blood of a home. If you're not comfortable you're not happy. If your heating system goes out there is a potential that water lines will freeze causing significant damage to other parts or your house. Regular maintenance must be performed to prevent untimely and costly repairs. 

There are many different ways to heat a home, the most common is a forced air furnace, which circulates hot air around your house using a fan that blows across gas fired chambers called a heat exchanger.

A hydronic system or boiler uses hot water to circulate through baseboards or infloor radiant heat via a circulator pump. These types of systems typically offer more even heating as well as reduced dust in the home but can be costly for repairs and installation.

With all the different types and efficiencies of heating equipment it is Fortitude HVAC's professional  responsibility to inform and educate our clients on all their options.